Can We Talk? Conference and Benefit Dinner
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June 7-9, 2019 | Washington, DC

About the BLHF Conference

The BLHF Conference will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas around normalizing the conversation of mental illness in the African-American community. Over two (2) days, 350-400 attendees will meet like-minded professionals and leaders with similar goals, learn the latest research and strategies towards addressing mental health issues in the black community, and explore topics of the African-American experience on a broad spectrum. Therapists, social workers and counselors, medical doctors, thought leaders, researchers, influencers and policy makers on the front line of cutting edge work in the field, will come together to collectively identify national trends that have been barriers to mental health treatment in the black community. We will discuss strategies to end mental health stigma, and seek pathways to combine research and resources in order to support those who seek help.

The Can We Talk? Conference will offer up to 12 CEUs from the National Association of Social Workers. Attendees are required to check in at registration to certify their attendance at the beginning and end of the conference. These CEUs are provided through the Black Mental Health Alliance.

The “#You Got This!” Campaign will run April - June to support this effort.

Keynote Speakers

Taraji P. Henson


BLHF 2019 Youth Council Ambassador

Isan Elba

The You Got This! Campaign

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BLHF continues to travel from city to city on a listening tour to hear from those who are on the ground, providing mental health services to communities of color everyday. We’ve learned through such interactions, that one of the primary reasons African-Americans do not get the help they need is because they simply can’t afford the costs. Although many therapists we’ve met do their best to offer services at a reduced rate, putting their practices on the line to serve, some clients still have to choose between feeding their families and getting the mental health support they need. That’s not something any American should have to face. Many practitioners also accept insurance, but many clients don’t have insurance either. So what are the options? Little to nothing. The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, will raise funds to help stand in the gap. Through an application system, developed by a team of mental health professionals, we will provide resources to support those eligible candidates to receive services. In addition to raising funds to cover costs, we are partnering with mental health providers across the country who have jumped in to offer these services for little to no charge. Our goal is to raise $500,000. The campaign will run April - June 2019. Join us, let’s be the difference and break the cycle of mental health stigma in the African-American community.

Text: canwetalk to 41444

#yougotthis #breakthesilence #breakthecycle

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June 7 - 9, 2019
Grand Hyatt Washington
Washington, DC

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