Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Live Dealer Casino Games

Advantages and Disadvantages of
Playing Live Dealer Casino Games
If you’re new to live dealer games, make sure you stick to the games you’re familiar
with and play the minimum bets. Also, look for promos and bonuses at your chosen
casino. Some offer free bets, no-deposit bonuses casino online free credit, or deposit match bonuses to
entice new players. If the casino offers generous bonus codes, take advantage of
them. These bonuses will help you learn the ropes of live dealer games while
increasing your bankroll quickly.

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Benefits of playing live dealer casino games
Playing live dealer casino games online has several advantages, including access
from anywhere, a fast internet connection, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
This article explores the advantages and disadvantages of playing these games.
While there is no replacement for playing live in a land-based casino, these games
do have their advantages. The following are some of the main advantages of live
dealer games. Read on to learn more.
First of all, the convenience factor. Online gambling has become a multi-billion dollar
industry, and it has only increased due to the recent lockdown and global pandemic.
With so many casino games available, online gambling is a popular option for many

people, who can gamble in the comfort of their home without a long trip to a land-
based casino. Live dealer casino games are an excellent way to experience a

traditional casino, and playing them online is easier and more affordable than ever
Comparison with traditional casino games
A comparison of live dealer games and traditional casino tables is a great way to
understand which one is best for you. In short, live dealer games are played with
real dealers, rather than digital algorithms. As a result, they tend to be more
expensive than virtual games and may require a higher minimum bet. Furthermore,
they may not always have the same dealer. Nevertheless, these differences are
minimal. In this article, we will examine some of the advantages and disadvantages
of live dealer games.
One of the most obvious advantages of live dealer games over traditional casinos is
the human interaction. Online casino games are typically played one-on-one against
an automated dealer – not the most social of people. The ability to talk to the dealer,
as well as other players, adds a social aspect to the session. This makes it more
engaging and exciting. The benefits of live dealer games over traditional casino
games are too numerous to list.

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Differences from land-based versions
The differences between land-based and online live dealer versions of roulette are
largely centered on the way that the dealers interact with players. In land-based

casinos, players sit at a table where they can interact with a live dealer while they
are playing. The dealers are accompanied by a live camera, which allows them to
answer questions from players in between spins. A live dealer also spins a real
roulette wheel, something that many people enjoy.
A large difference between land-based and online live dealer casino games is the
level of variety. The land-based casinos will have beginner’s tables, while online
casinos will feature high-roller tables, offering a wider variety of blackjack variants.
The online live dealer casino version will be much more affordable, and players can
play as many hours as they like without the hassle of travelling or dressing up. The
online versions of land-based casinos also offer a wide variety of casino games and a
greater selection.
Limitations of live dealer games
A downside of live dealer games is that they lack a digital random number generator
(RNG). Most regulated online casinos use RNGs, and the latter undergo rigorous
testing to ensure that the results are indeed random. The disadvantage of using
RNGs, however, is that they can’t be seen, which is a big drawback for some
players. However, these games are provably fair. For these players, live dealer
games are the best choice.
While live dealer games are more fun than traditional casino slots and roulette
games, these casinos also have their limitations. For one thing, these studios are
relatively small, and they can only fit a limited number of tables. Adding new
products means removing some of the old ones and dedicating fewer tables to the
most popular ones. Compared to their online counterparts, live dealer studios will
never have as many different products.

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